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My Container Was Tagged:

You may find an OOPS tag on your container when the container content is contaminated, or if it is overfilled, or when it is blocked or otherwise inaccessible.  Your tag should indicate the reason why your container was tagged.

CONTAMINATION: When materials are sorted into the wrong container.

If your container was tagged due to contamination, it means that there were items that did not belong in that container.


All discarded materials must be sorted into on of three containers.


It is more important than ever to make sure that all discarded materials are placed into the correct containers.

Consult the Recycling Guide to determine what goes where.



Placing the materials into the wrong containers

  • Degrades the quality of the recyclables.

  • Reduces their market value or renders materials unmarketable.

  • Can cause recyclables to be landfilled.

  • Can jam up and damage sorting equipment.

AVOID CONTAMINATION FEE:  Your container may not be collected until you take corrective action. If your container is emptied, a contamination fee of $53.46 will be applied to your account upon the third notification and $106.92 for subsequent notifications in a twelve month period.

OVERFILLED/TOO HEAVY: when more materials are placed out for collection than fit inside the container.

If your container is tagged due to overfilling, it means that the content exceeds the size of the container or was overflowing outside of the container. 


You are required to place all materials inside the container such that drivers are not required to routinely disembark the collection vehicle.


All containers will be emptied on their scheduled service days. Materials outside the containermay not be collected.




Corrective Action: Remove materials so that lid may close unimpeded and set out on your next scheduled collection day.

If you are unable to wait until the following collection day, you may schedule an additional pickup subject to an additional charge.  


If your containers are frequently overfilled, you may need to increase collection frequency or quantity of containers.



BLOCKED/NO ACCESS: When driver is unable to access container due to obstacles such cars or locked access.

If your container is tagged due to being blocked, it means that the driver was not able to access the container because either the access was locked or blocked by vehicles or other obstacles.



Corrective Action: Remove obstacles blocking access to the container.

Once the collection vehicles passes by your location, it may not be possible for it to return the same day. You may wait until your next scheduled pickup or you may request an additional pickup subject to an additional charge.

Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 8.23.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 8.23.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 8.23.35 AM.png

Blue: Recyclables

Green: Organics

Black: Trash

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