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MRF Processing

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What is a MRF?

This is a recycling facility that processes materials through the use of sorting lines, machines, and manual sorting methods to separate out recyclables from mixed waste before landfill disposal.

With the increase in the amount of recyclables being disposed of, materials recovery facilities play an important role in the process of collecting recyclables to redistributing them to third-parties to reintroducing them to the general public.

This system is designed to assist Clients and Municipalities meet or exceed City and State Recycling Mandates.

Throughout the years, our focus has always been recycling, and in our efforts we have been able to work alongside clients and communities to help preserve natural resources, conserve diminishing landfill capacity, and comply with state waste reduction mandates

There are many benefits to participating in our MRF Recycling Programs:


Compliance: Helping you to meet or exceed State and City multi-family and commercial recycling goals.

Everybody Benefits: Employees, Business Owners, Landlords, Managers, and Tenants, are doing their part to be “Green” by working help the
environment through the use our programs.


Wasting Valuable Space: Additional space for recycling containers in not necessary

Reduce Scavenger problems: Less scavengers and litter problems with the general public.

Eliminate Confusion: One bin used to dump mixed waste and recyclables. We do the sorting for you.

Help the environment: Only one truck is used for service thus less road damage, better air quality, less traffic, and a reduction in greenhouse gases.


Save Time and Money: Less time spent managing the program (educating tenants, moving containers)

Effective Recycling System: City government studies have documented higher recycling rates through the use of MRF systems.

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