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City of Glendale

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City of Glendale


We are Southland Disposal Company, the designated solid waste collection and recycling service provider for Zone A (Link to Zone Map) under the new exclusive franchise system adopted by the City of Glendale. A letter from the City explaining this new system may be accessed [here].

Southland Disposal Company is family owned and operated with experience in the waste and recycling industry that extends for over 100 years.


We have provided solid waste collection services to the businesses in the City of Glendale for over 50 years. We are proud to be the exclusive provider of solid waste and recycling to all commercial properties (including businesses and apartment complexes with five or more units) in

Zone A.


New Waste and Recycling Requirements
SB1383 "It's the Law"




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Click here to download our recycling guide and other resources.

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New State of California
Organics Program Requirements for Property Owners and Tenants

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Property Managers


Transition to Southland Disposal (December 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022)

As of December 1, 2021, Southland Disposal began providing solid waste and recycling to commercial properties (including businesses and apartment complexes with five or more units) in Zone A. Some customers will not be transitioned to Southland Disposal until February 1, 2022. All customers will be fully transitioned and onboarded to the new mandatory recycling service by March 31, 2022.

In early January 2022, Southland Disposal will be contacting every business and multi-family premises with five units of more to introduce them to the new mandatory recycling and organic services and to assist in customizing their waste and recycling services. Southland Disposal will provide each customer with a Service Subscription Form that identifies all the services to be provided with all associated charges including any extra services.

Holiday Schedule

Waste collection does not occur on the following holidays:

  • New Years’ Day,

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

  • Memorial Day,

  • Independence Day,

  • Labor Day,

  • Thanksgiving Day, and

  • Christmas Day.


When a holiday falls on a weekday, collection will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the week. If a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, there will be no delay in service provided customer premises are accessible, in which case, collection may be delayed until the following weekday.

Refuse & Recycling Collection Services

Collection service will include at minimum a black bin for refuse, a blue bin for recyclable materials, and a green bin for organic waste that will be collected at least once a week. 

Each customer will be provided with containers of sufficient size, type, and quantity to ensure that all solid waste is properly stored and contained until they are removed for disposal or processing. Customers are required to provide full access to containers on the designated collection day(s). Southland Disposal cannot remove obstructions to access containers.

Recycling service and organic waste collection service is mandatory as per State law (AB 341 and SB 1383), and Glendale Municipal Code chapter 8.44. 

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Recycling Guide

What Goes in Which Container

Black Container: For non-recyclable trash only such as paper or boxes with grease or food residue; treated wood and wood products; cloth/fabric; animal waste; disposable diapers. 

Blue Container: For traditional recyclables, such as bottles, cans, and plastic, and organic waste such as paper and cardboard.

Green Container: For yard waste, green waste, and other organic materials such as fruits and vegetables. Food waste such as kitchen and table food waste; animal or vegetable waste that is generated during or results from the storage, preparation, cooking or handling of food stuffs, including discarded paper that is contaminated with food waste; and, fruit waste, grain waste, dairy waste, meat, and fish waste.

Never put these materials in your container.

State law prohibits the disposal of hazardous waste and certain electronic waste in your containers.

These wastes include but are not limited to:

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Holiday Tree Recycling

Southland Disposal will provide holiday tree collection on regularly scheduled collection days to multi-family premises after December 25 and through the third Saturday in January. Holiday Trees placed for Collection must be cut into lengths no longer than six (6) feet, be free of ornaments, garlands, tinsel and flocking, and the stands must be removed. 

Container Overfilling

A container may be considered overfilled when materials project above its rim in a manner that impedes the complete closure of its lid and/or when materials are placed outside the Container and/or allowed to accumulate making access to the container unsafe for collection.

For overfilled containers, Southland Disposal will take actions as needed to complete the collection, which may include collecting materials placed outside the containers, placing materials in another container, or making a second Collection. 

The first and second instance of overfilled containers, Southland will collect the material and leave a tag with recommended corrective action and an explanation of the consequences for repeated instances. For the third and subsequent instances, Southland Disposal may decline to collect the material.

Contaminated Containers

A container is considered excessively contaminated if it contains more than 10% contamination.

The first and second instance of contaminated containers, Southland Disposal will collect the material and leave a tag explaining why the Container contents was excessively contaminated and provide recommended corrective action with an explanation of the consequences for repeated instances.


For the third and subsequent instances, Southland Disposal may decline to collect the material and/or assess a Contamination Fee.

Missed Collection

If we are at fault for a missed collection, we will provide collection within 24 hours of your notification if your call is received on a collection day.

Bulky Items

Customers are eligible for 4 bulky item collections per calendar year. Each bulky item collection is limited to four large household items or up to ten (10) bundles of green waste (bundled no more than 4’ long and 18” in diameter) per collection event. Bulky item collections that exceed four per calendar year or bulky times in excess of four per collection event are subject to an additional charge.

To schedule a bulky item collection, contact Southland Disposal Customer Service at least two days in advance of a regular collection day. 

Container Repair/Replacement

Southland Disposal will repair or replace your containers as the result of normal wear and tear, resulting from proper use, or damage resulting from Southland’s actions at no cost to you. If a cart is broken or damaged, Southland Disposal will repair or replace your carts by the next regularly scheduled collection day provided that you notify us two workdays in advance of the next collection day. You will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of containers that are damaged as a result of your negligence or misuse, including overfilling or depositing of prohibited materials.

You may request your bin or cart to be cleaned or replaced once per year at no additional charge. You may request bin and cart cleanings or replacements at an additional charge

Southland will remove graffiti from any container within two workdays of your request.

New Service and Recycling Request
Presented by City of Glendale Department of Public Works 

Customer Services Hours


Monday - Friday:  7am - 5pm
Saturday: 7am - 1pm
Sunday: Closed

General Information

Southland Disposal Company
1525 Fishburn Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90063
Phone: 323-780-7150

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